Altmuslimah Interview: Dr. Vandana Shiva

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This is a great little interview posted by SARAH JAWAID who is part of DC Green Muslims on Altmuslimah– a website definately worth checking out.

You are described as a thought leader in eco-feminism which is a social and political movement that identifies strong parallels between environmental degradation and the subordination of women. Can you speak at this connection?

Eco-feminism for me is a worldview and philosophy which perceives the connections between the violence against nature and the violence against women. It identifies its root causes in the capitalist patriarchy and offers ways of seeing and living on the earth harmoniously.

What are the connections between violence against nature and violence against women?

First, it is a connection in the mind, that nature is seen as dead and inert and women are seen as passive and both are seen as mere raw materials for running a capitalist patriarchal system. And, the same worldview that defines nature as dead defines women as the second sex because it’s based on conquest and domination.



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