Mosque in Turkey Goes Solar

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Another mosque has taken up the battle against climate change and gone Eco- this time in Turkey

When a nuclear plant was proposed for the Turkish village of Buyukeceli, the residents decided to demonstrate their resistance not through protest and petitions but by highlighting the viability of renewable energy. Using the support of Greenpeace, they decided to show the power of solar energy and installed photovoltaic panels on the local mosque.

Whilst this may sound like a new and novel concept, back in July Green Prophet revealed plans for Europe’s first completely eco-friendly Mosque in the English city of Cambridge.

Using skylights to limited the need for light bulbs, energy-efficient technologies and a green-roof, the project hoped to minimize it’s carbon footprint and also become the first ‘Eco-Mosque’ in Europe. Well, the idea spread far and wide since then there has been the announcements that the controversial‘Ground-Zero Mosque’ would be green, accolades for Green mosque designs and now this Turkish Solar Mosque.



Muslims are Making Significant Contribution says

As you may already know from a previous video blog, 350 is an environmental campaign seeking to lower the amount of carbon to 350 parts per million. Well, Bill McKibben the American environmentalist behind the organisation has come out in support of the controversially titled ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ and also highlighted the important role that Muslims are playing in protecting the environment.

In a blog on the website, he talked about welcoming the mosque as a sign of America’s resilience and also that Muslims everywhere are working for a better planet:


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