Profile: Green Deen Author Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

Image via Elan Magazine

Time to profile another Green Muslim- and this time it’s the guy who recently revealed that the Ground Zero Mosque is going to be Green!

I think it’s great to recognize the work Green Muslims are doing worldwide and this Brooklyn Brother is an inspiring environmental community organiser with alot of wisdom to offer. Ibrahim Abdul-Matin,  author of ‘Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet’, spoke to Elan about his Muslim-American activism and the interview highlights are below!

elan: When did you start working as an environmentalist?

IA: I’ve always been involved in environmentalism. That’s been a driving force throughout my entire life. I’ve worked with Outward Bound,  I was a director of youth programs at Prospect Park in Brooklyn and I’ve lead outdoor adventure tours in the woods.

This is just an opportunity for me to take the three sides of me – the social justice part of me, the environmentalist part of me, and then the Muslim part into one sort of tightly woven expression of what’s happening today.



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