Take the ‘Buy-Nothing-Ramadan’ Pledge

Declutter your life this Ramadan and learn to live simply. Image via Untitled blue on Flickr

During Ramadan Muslims are asked to give up a couple of things- namely food, water and a decent nights sleep due to nocturnal binging sessions- but it’s not all bad. Once you get into the swing of things the payback is clarity of mind and the appreciation that less is more.

We could all live with a little less. Less  in our stomachs, less in our wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, bags, cars, fridges, our purses… You get the idea. So in the true spirit of Ramadan comes the ‘Buy-Nothing-Ramadan’ pledge.  Over the last three Ramadans the ‘Ramadan Compact’ has been bringing together green Muslims from across the US to reduce/stop their consumption for one month.
The idea of the Buy-Nothing Ramadan comes from the Compact movement, first started in the San Francisco area where members agreed to go a year without buying anything. Although you can add your own personal rules and exemptions, the three simple rules are:

  1. Don’t buy any new products.  [Exceptions: Food and drink, medicine, personal items (ex. socks and underwear), services, charitable contributions, and gifts.]
  2. For other items, borrow or buy used.
  3. Take the time you would spend shopping in other productive ways.

As the Ramadan Compact states:

I invite you to take the barakah of Ramadan to be thankful for the blessings in our lives, be more mindful of our actions and their environmental impact, and reduce material consumption.

Check out their blog for the latest trials and tribulations of those who signed up.


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