Green Profiles

About IFEES:

IFEES is a charity raising awareness among both Muslims and non-Muslims of the Islamic teachings on environmental issues. It trains people working on conservation projects in Muslim countries. In the UK and elsewhere IFEES provides Islamic consultancy and communication, and supports and initiates environmental education and awareness projects .

Led by Fazlun Khalid and from tentative beginnings in the mid 1980’s IFEES has established itself as perhaps the only internationally recognised body articulating the Islamic position on environmental protection and at the same time taking a practical approach to resolving current issues.

About MEEM:

MEEM is an acronym that stands for “Minnesota Ecological and Environmental Muslims.” Our purpose is to create environmental awareness and promote a more humble outlook towards conserving our footprint on planet Earth. MEEM is a network of environmentally conscious Muslims centered around the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Twin Cities area where our aim is to spread awareness about the environment, help make people better and environmentally conscious choices, volunteer for environmental causes and try to make the word a better place for all.

Some relevant resources about relevant Islamic justifications for the environmentalist movement are at in the resources section. The about section give more information about our background. I had the idea of an environmental organization in Minnesota for quite some time. When I finally decided to materialize it, I knew that one of the best person to talk to would be Nandita and thus MEEM was born. This blog will chronicle MEEM’s plans, activities, events etc, so stay tuned.

About WIN (Wisdom In Nature):

Wisdom In Nature is a pioneer of local Islamic ecological activism in the UK, and has a presence in both London & Brighton. Open to people of all faiths and beliefs, we aim to provide a safe, yet stimulating and enjoyable forum in which dialogue can take place, assumptions can be reflected on, and ideas developed.

As we develop a clearer, more holistic understanding of the social and wider natural ecology, we might feel moved to respond in some way. Giving attention to social organising and process supports the emergence of creative and holistic solutions that everyone has ownership over.

These two aspects, understanding the world and conscious social organising form an essential basis to our work, and complement inner development as we more consciously contribute to a peaceful, and just society.

About DC Green Muslims:

(via Arab News)

DC Green Muslims was born in October 2007 when a group of friends gathered for a vegetarian, eco-friendly iftar. In the following months, the group held more eco-friendly meals attracting up to 150-people. Today, the group, which has a blog at, is an active member of Washington’s environmental awareness community.

About Muslim Green Team:

Muslim Green Team, which began in 2008 in the Bay Area chapter of MAS., believes that living a “greener” lifestyle is not only healthier and socially responsible, but an essential and mandatory component of a Muslim’s life.
The primary objectives of Muslim Green Team are:

  • To fulfill our duty to Allah (swt) in adopting environmentally friendly practices.
  • To contribute to the increasingly global effort to reverse the effects of environmentally-irresponsible practices.
  • To raise awareness about environmental issues within the Muslim community.
  • To demonstrate the environmental message of Islam.
  • To contribute the unique, Islamic perspective of the environment to the national and global environmental conversation.

If you want your group added to this profile list please drop us an email at:

aworldofgreenmuslims (at)


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