Animal Rights In Islamic Tradition

Well, I finally got round to doing the review of the book I posted about here (Islam, Climate Change and Frat Boy Elites) by Richard Foltz  called Animals in Islamic Tradition and Muslim Culture and it’s now up on GreenProphet. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite..

A Change On The Horizon?


Whilst highlighting the real potential within Islam to build on animals rights, the author is careful to distinguish between the existence of Islamic beliefs and their ability to translate into real action. In the fifth chapter which looks at contemporary Muslim attitudes on animal rights and chapter six which is dedicated to Islamic vegetarianism, Foltz is cautious to overstate the popularity of beliefs which focus on animal rights in the Muslim world.

Whilst acknowledging their existence, he states that these practices remain firmly outside the mainstream despite strong Islamic arguments for their adoption. Furthermore, the seventh chapter dedicated to the notorious negative treatment of dogs in the Muslim world is explored and although the argument behind the widespread notion that dogs are impure is challenged, Foltz admits that the predominant attitude remains one-sided and unchanged.

For full article see here.


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