Green Prophet: How Islam Could Fight Water Scarcity


Muslim nations may face a lot of diverse problem but one concern they share is water scarcity. At the latest conference of Islamic environment ministers, water shortage was highlighted as one of the most pressing environmental issue facing the region and Muslim leaders stated it finding a solution was one of the ‘most important duties of our time’. Could reconnecting to Islamic water management principles help Muslim countries avoid the worst effects of water scarcity brought on by climate change?



Islam on Protecting Nature: It’s Our Responsibility

Been mulling over something I read a while back about Islam and our responsibility for the planet, so I thought I’d share it and see what everyone thinks.

The word “Earth” (ard) appears no less than 485 times in the holy book of the Quran. The men and women are described as Allah’s vicegerents on Earth.

“Lo! We offered the trust upon the heavens and the earth and the hills, but they shrank from bearing it and were afraid of it and man assumed it” (Quran: 33:72).

By this act of acceptance, humans have accepted the responsibility for the custody of the environment. This trusteeship is seen by Islam to be so onerous and burdensome that no other creature would ‘accept’ it.

Click on the link for the rull article by SYED SULTAN MOHIDDIN on How Islam Protects Environment. Image via Mrehan on flickr.

Muslim Maldives Goes Solar

The lowest lying island in the world, the Maldives which has an entirely Muslim population has alot to lose due to climate change.  Scientists have issued stark  warnings that rising sea levels caused by climate change could engulf the Maldives and other low-lying nations this century.

So, the country is taking action.

In 2009, the president of the Maldives Mohammed Nasheed unveiled plans for the country to go carbon neutral within a decade and has now installed 48 solar photovoltaic modules on the rooftop of his official residence.

Nasheed’s office quoted him as saying in Yahoo News! : “Solar power helps combat climate change, reduces our dependency on imported oil and most importantly cuts out electricity costs.”

The Maldives sits (on average)  just 1.5 metres above sea level and erosion problems mean that saltwater has contaminated freshwater supplies and hit its fishing industry (second-largest economic sector next to tourism).

“For the Maldives, climate change . . . is not a problem in the future,” Nasheed said in a conference call Tuesday from his nation’s capital, Male. “It is a problem that we are facing every day.”

Image via Steve Jurvetson.

Video: Tariq Ramadan Talks About the Environment

“This edition of Islam and Life asks how Muslims should respond to an increase in world consumption and industrialization to protect the environment. Islam identifies humanity as Supreme Being. It is an obligation for humanity to be responsible for the planet which they share with other forms of life.

“If we come back to Islamic traditions, we find out that from the very beginning respecting the nature, other creatures and environment has been very important. Muslims should avoid extravagance and luxury. Western Muslims have to do more than those poor Muslims in Africa and Asia to reduce their consumption in the west; it needs a paradigm shift.”

Bizarre News of the Year: Bin Laden Goes Green

Bizarre is one way to describe the news that Bin Laden was calling on Muslims to do more to tackle climate change. Bin Laden, people! And climate change. Is this really happening?

The only thing scarier than agreeing with a terrorist is the fact that Bin Laden is now probably the most famous green Muslim.

:: Image via bixentro on flickr.

Take A Break From Carbon With The ‘Oil Fast’

oil-fast-carbonIf Ramadan and Yom Kippur have given you a taste for fasting, why not try the latest eco friendly fast: the oil fast.

Fasting is a natural, religious and spiritual affair which is practised by many people all over the world. Muslims give up food and drink between sunrise and sunset for an entire month during Ramadan, Christians give up luxuries during Lent, and Jews abstain from food during Yom Kippur. But can these practices be transferred onto the green agenda to help protect the planet from the worst effects of climate change? Well, one UK-based Christian organisation thinks so and on 3 October, it is launching an Oil Fast as part of its ‘Carbon Exodus’.


A Model of Sustainability: Eco-Mosque in Levenshulme

In 2003 the Muslim Bohra community of Levenshulme started thinking about replacing their makeshift prayer hall – a former Maternity & Child Welfare Centre in an old Methodist chapel – with a brand new mosque. However, fitted with solar panels, recycled wood, reclaimed stone, under-floor heating and other energy saving measures this wasn’t your average mosque, but an eco-mosque.

Opened in 2008, the new building was the culmination of a lot of hard work, curiosity and a belief that it is possible to create a mosque which positively impacts both the community and the environment.


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