Finding The True Green Colours of Islam

Front of the Quran

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Great post about  green Islam on ABC News by Bhawana Kamil of the Muslim Green Team, a US organisation encouraging the Muslims community to live green lives. Here’s my best bits!

  • While Muslims usually pray in their homes or in congregational mosques, they do not hesitate to pray outdoors and in public spaces. Muhammad confirmed the permissibility of doing so by confirming that while Muslims are required to pray in pure places, the earth is inherently such a place.
  • Religious scholars in Islam often refer to two books given to humans by God: the written and the displayed. The written book is scripture revealed to Prophets, most recently the Qur’an given to Muhammad. The displayed book is nature – the environment. Just as scripture serves as a source of guidance and a reminder of our Lord, reflection upon the beauty and order of nature is meant to serve as a reminder of the glory of God, draw us closer to God, and increase our faith and spirituality.
  • In the Qur’anic creation story, God relates that Adam was created from clay, while other forms of creation were created from light (the angels) or fire (the jinn)… From the early history of humans, God confirms the purity and nobility of clay, or earth.

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