Qur’an Burning Sparks Interest in Environmental Islam

As the will-they-won’t-they controversy over the Qur’an burning event planned by a pastor in Florida hit the press, once again it seemed that a skewed view of Islam was being portrayed. But as the saying goes there is no such things as bad press and I noticed an effort to combat negative coverage by highlighting the green message of Islam.

Writing for Green Fudge, Graham asks that since everyone else has already said their piece on the issue, isn’t it time for a Green perspective?

“It [the Qur’an buring event] did get me wondering”, he writes “what some influential Muslims are saying and doing regarding environmental issues – specifically in the name of Islam.” Graham then goes on to cover IFEES, Green Ramadan and efforts to combat climate change in the Philipines.

Another piece was posted by Gina Williams on Autonomie Project who wrote:

Everywhere I look lately, I feel as though I can not escape negative press and stories about the second largest religion in the world. This sort of rhetoric is distressing and a little scary, especially in such a tolerant nation. What I don’t see in the presses is the positive impact Islam has on individuals and communities.

Often the mainstream media picks up the sensational story and shies away from the positive, “boring” stories. However, aside from all the rhetoric and negative focus in the media, Islam, like any religion, has a positive impact. One exciting new trend we have heard about in the Islam world is the focus on Green.

Gina points to the Green aspects of the ‘Ground Zero Mosque‘, Green Ramadan, organisations such as the DC Green Muslims and the Inspired by Muhammed campaign. She also added “I find it inspirational that so many Islamic groups and devotees are drawing from the teachings of this religion to better our environment. However, I do wish mainstream media and the public at large would pay closer attention to the positive side of religion.”

Can I get an Ameen!

Image via Mrehan on flickr.


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