Finding The True Green Colours of Islam

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Great post about  green Islam on ABC News by Bhawana Kamil of the Muslim Green Team, a US organisation encouraging the Muslims community to live green lives. Here’s my best bits!

  • While Muslims usually pray in their homes or in congregational mosques, they do not hesitate to pray outdoors and in public spaces. Muhammad confirmed the permissibility of doing so by confirming that while Muslims are required to pray in pure places, the earth is inherently such a place. More

‘Hima’- the Middle East’s Long Tradition of Environmental Protection


In these modern times, it’s easy to think of environmental protection as a new concept which has emerged in response to modern problems linked to industrialisation and globalisation. In reality, the need to protect the environment from abuse has been a constant concern for humans since the beginning of time- especially for people who were living directly of the earth’s resources.

Even the Middle East,which many assume is new to environmental concerns, had a system to help protect nature called ‘Hima’. Hima which roughly translates as ‘protected or preserved place’ has been practised for over 14,000 years in the Arabian Peninsula and is believed to be the most widespread system of traditional conservation in the Middle East, and perhaps the entire earth. More

Lebanon’s Top 5 Environmental Risks

Whilst Lebanon has a thriving eco scene (compared to the rest of the Middle East), the environmental risks the country faces are still significant. A recent report by the UN humanitarian news agency IRIN published the top five risks  the country faces.  Here they are in no particular order:

5. War

During the July War of 2006 with Israel , the largest environmental catastrophe was the bombing of Jiyeh power station which caused 15,000 tons of oil to seep into the ocean and affecting 150km of the Lebanese coastline.

Organic and Halal: Muslim Food For Thought

It’s official- Ramadan is over and so food is back on topic!

To mark this, I wanted to spread the word about RENEWAL, the first feature-length documentary film that captures the work of religious-environmental activists. It’s 90 minutes long and showcases Muslims, Jews, Christians and other religious groups’ efforts to tackle climate change and instill a love for the planet.  The segment on Muslims is entitled ‘Food for Faith’ and looks at issues of sustainable farming and ‘Eco-halal’. Definitely worth a look.

Egypt’s Climate Lessons


As one of the most populous countries in North Africa and the Middle East, the effects of climate change in Egypt will hit alot of people. Some of the biggest issues the country is facing include desertification, dwindling water supplies and pollution. In fact Cairo is one of the most polluted cities on the face of the planet and according to a recent article by Ismail Abdel Gelil in Al-Masry Al-Youm:


Qur’an Burning Sparks Interest in Environmental Islam

As the will-they-won’t-they controversy over the Qur’an burning event planned by a pastor in Florida hit the press, once again it seemed that a skewed view of Islam was being portrayed. But as the saying goes there is no such things as bad press and I noticed an effort to combat negative coverage by highlighting the green message of Islam.

Writing for Green Fudge, Graham asks that since everyone else has already said their piece on the issue, isn’t it time for a Green perspective? More

Friday’s Fortnightly News Round-up

Stay updated on all the Green Islam news from around the Muslim world.

  • 1 Sept ~ United Arab Emirates Scholars and Imams speak up on the importance of protecting the environment according to Isla, Green Prophet
  • 3 Sept ~“Participation of Christian and Muslim Women in the Climate Change Dialogue” group  setup in Ghana in a bid to tackle gender related climate change issues~ Ghana Business News
  • 7 Sept ~Muslim Association for Climate Change Action (MACCA) hosting meeting with scientists and Muslim Filipino gov’t leaders to discuss climate change and global warming
  • 9 Sept~ Muslim Imams in Philippines have been urged to take on a new task: preach about the environment

The Architecture of Mud in the Muslim World

Mud buildings have withstood the test of time; will they populate our futures too?

Think of Islamic mud structures and more than likely the iconic Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali will come to mind. The largest mud brick building in the world, the mosque is considered to be amongst the greatest achievement of Sudano-Swahelian architecture and one of the most famous landmarks of Africa.

But it’s not only Africa that boasts impressive (and sustainable) mud structures, the Middle East is home to some of the most stunning mud buildings in the world. From the ‘Manhattan of the Desert’ in Yemen to the Bam citadel of Iran, these mud structures show that there’s more to Muslim architecture than Mecca and Masdar. More

Canada Tackles Environment during Islamic History Month

To help mark Islamic History Month in Canada this October, events and information have been put together to celebrate the link between Islam and the Environment. As well as a lecture by Dr. Hind Al-Abadaleh and Dr. Muzaffar Iqbal on the Environment theme, a leaflet has been uploaded with some useful information.  Download the FINAL_IHMC_BROCHURE_2010 here.

Highlights include:

  • Windmills were invented in 7th century for a Persian caliph- 500 years before the first windmill was seen in Europe. Go Muslim Wind-Power! More

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