Food Waste, Media Fasts and other Green Ramadan updates

As we head into the last days of Ramadan, A World of Green Muslims has scoured the blogosphere for the latest news on Muslims going green this holy month. First up are the Ramadan Compactors.

In case you don’t know, the Ramadan Compactors are a group of Muslim who pledge to give up consumption and unnecessary spending during Ramadan. One of the participants, Dina. B recently posted a great blog on the need to ‘un-plug’ from the modern distractions of TV and the internet and came up with some rules for a ‘media fast’.

Dina reasoned:

It sounds a little odd to call information consumable, until you put this kind of consumption into a familiar context. We have all heard of the label put on us by the news and entertainment industries: we are media consumers. If we aren’t online, we are watching TV, listening to the radio or an iPod, talking on the phone, or a host of other activities that are made possible by a communications medium. How are we not fatigued at this information overload?

Definitely some great food for thought and I have to praise her, if only  for the sheer will power of being able to unplug  from the internet!

Next up is the issue of food waste.

According to Green Prophet and Treehugger, the United Arab Emirates throw away around 500 tons of food each year during Ramadan.  So, this year a campaign has been launched to raise awareness of the importance of cherishing the blessing of food- especially during Ramadan. The ‘Think Before You Waste’ campaign is also spreading its message of moderation to the masjids with friday khutba’s condemning the waste.

Finally, The Huffington Post are also running an article on Muslims going green this Ramadan which is interesting as it speaks to a wide range of Muslims from the UK, US and the Middle East.  My favourite bit is by Taleb Al-Harithi, a Palestinian environmentalist and director of the Palestine Peace Societywho says,  “Even if 99 percent of the people do good for the environment, and only 1 percent does bad, the environment is tainted.” It just reminds me that for better or worse, humanity is in this together.

If you look closely enough there’s  even quote from little old me!

Ramadan Mubarak everyone.

Image via firemisha


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